heavy equipment trucking

William N Mason Inc.

A commercial, registered carrier. We are a heavy equipment, regional trucking company that operates from our headquarters in Baltimore, Maryland. We are industry leaders in the construction transport business, whether you are transporting construction supplies and equipment or machinery and large bulldozers or cranes. Our company services contractors, construction supply dealers, and equipment dealers. With 22 trucks and 72 trailers, we are able to provide top-notch service to all our clients who are located or do business within our service area.

Our Drivers

Our drivers are highly experienced with loading and transporting all types of equipment and construction supplies. They provide courteous, timely, reliable service to all clients whether they are transporting a forklift or hauling a large crane. Drivers with William N. Mason Inc. know they represent the company during their delivery trips with equipment and supplies. For this reason, they perform their tasks with the utmost of care just as each client deserves.

Equipment Transfer

William N. Mason Inc. provides equipment transport for single or multiple units. We also will make multiple stops during the delivery process if necessary. Our experienced drivers excel in transporting permitted loads because of over-height or other oversize issues. These loads need to be transported with extra care to ensure the safety of the equipment and surrounding areas or individuals. Our professional, skilled drivers take the appropriate caution with each and every load transported to ensure all items arrive at their destination without problems.

Tel: (410) 525-2288 Fax: (410) 646-5737