William N Mason Inc. is a registered commercial carrier specializing as a regional heavy equipment trucking company based in Baltimore, MD.

William N Mason Inc. specializes in transporting construction equipment and supplies, small pieces of machinery, and even large cranes. This just mentions some of what we transport for our clients. We primarily perform our services west of the Mississippi for equipment dealers and construction supply dealers, equipment rental companies, end users of the equipment and contractors. With 22 trucks and 72 trailers, we can offer various combinations to fulfill our clients’ needs.

  • Ground or dock delivery is available for forklifts, rough-terrain forklifts and lift trucks.
  • We transport permitted loads that are over-height, ¬†oversize or overweight.
  • William N Mason Inc. provides shipment tracking that allows you to know where your supplies or equipment is at all times.
  • Our distribution services expand your ability to provide supplies and equipment on a temporary or permanent basis.
  • We provide insurance that covers you in case of damage or other mishaps.
  • Our company offers transport of equipment and supplies to and from the marine terminals, our drivers all have TWIC cards and are familiar with getting your equipment to and from ships.
  • Advisory services are available to help you decide how to handle your specific situation
  • Our drivers perform transport of single units or multiple units with both single and multiple stops.
transporting construction equipment
transporting construction equipment
transporting construction equipment
transporting construction equipment

Drivers with our company have the necessary expertise to load and transport all kinds of machinery and equipment. They handle all transport jobs with care to deliver all items safely and on time. All of our staff members and drivers understand they represent the company when dealing with the clients and act accordingly. You are treated with the respect you deserve at all times with our company.


Here at William N. Mason Inc, we are able to store equipment on our multiple safe and gated sights. Whether en route to or coming from the marine terminal for international shipment, we are able to safely and securely hold equipment or materials for short to long periods of time. 

We Guarantee Satisfaction

We guarantee your satisfaction with any of our services. Our company knows that is why we are still in business today. Staff members and drivers constantly strive to please clients such as you on a daily basis. Contact us today to discover how much our services cost and how soon we can schedule your particular task.